TT-037 Twin 775 Motor Buggy / Truggy Starter Box


The starting box is use for 1/8 off-road Buggy / trucks and GT
The starting box is made of aluminum. It is processed by black surface, and it has exquisite laser patterns. The panel surface is adjusted with a scale laser to adjust conveniently.
The starting handle is made of tough nylon plastic. The battery and screw batch are set aside.
The driving part adopts two sets of 775 high torque motor, double belt drive, effectively improve the transmission efficiency, but also bid farewell to the worry of jumping belt, in the new running of the engine, there is enough torque to help start
Battery placement is suitable (7.2V Ni MH battery x2) (7.4v Lipo lithium battery x2) (12V small Pb hydro)
Starting platform size: 31x13x9.5cm (excluding portable)
Battery plug standard series T plug, the other distribution (Tamiya Square) series plug.