TO-238 Graphite Plate For Rear Compostite Brace 1.5mm/2.0mm ( For Xray XB8'17/18/22/23 )


Replace  #353280

There are two carbon fibre rear chassis brace plate sets for the Xray XB8’18 and ’17 kits. The plates are available in a thick 2.0mm and a thinner 1.5mm variant and they are used to sandwich the rear composite chassis brace in order to reinforce the rear area of the chassis which can be beneficial in smooth, high-grip track conditions. The thicker 2.0mm plates give maximum rigidity while the thinner 1.5mm plates allow for slightly more flex. Both variants are available separately, they feature small grooves to make disassembly easy and they come including suitable mounting hardware.


TO-238-1.5  Thickness : 1.5mm

TO-238-2  Thickness : 2mm