TE-146 7075-T6 Alum. Caster Hat Bushings Set ( For Team Associated RC10 B6/B6D/B64/B64D/B6.1 ) 2 each of 0deg,1deg,2deg,3deg.& 1.5deg 4pcs.


Usable for the B64 and B6 buggies are 7075-T6 aluminium caster hat bushings in several configurations. Available are a 2-piece each 0 degree and 3 degree set, a 2-piece each 1 degree and 2 degree set, a 4-piece 1.5 degree set as well as a full kit containing all of the above. Last but not least is a 5-piece set of hard-coated 7075-T6 aluminium 6mm pivot balls for the B6 series of buggies. 4WD off-road buggy.