TT-013 Case Hardware Storage Boxes


High quality Case Hardware Storage Boxes, lightweight and portable, well sealed design, effectively protects model car parts and screws neatly categorized.
Customizable grid layout according to needs, providing a more personalized storage experience.
Made of transparent material, the storage is at a glance and well organized.
Multiple sizes available.

Introduce new high-quality transparent  Hardware Storage Boxes,a glance to identify the parts stored inside, independent lid design, easy to carry and classification of use, effective dust and moisture, to protect the parts from environmental impact.

3 different sizes of  Hardware Storage Boxes  to meet different storage needs.

28 case ( 17.3x10.7x2.6cm): for storing a wide range of parts

56 case(21.1x17.5x2.7cm): compact and delicate, can be finely categorized, suitable for storing small parts, screws, spacers and so on.

Combined 15+28 case (21.1x17.5x2.7cm) : flexible combination, can be used separately or combined into a large organizer to meet the storage needs of different  storage scenarios.

Provide a neat and orderly storage space and storage environment for your model car parts, easy to assemble and maintain.